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Snipping larger video files into smaller clips

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Oct 25, 2021 Oct 25, 2021

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I know you can use Consolidate and Transcode in Premiere Pro to create individual files from timeline clips. I've been using this method with a CFHD preset. I also know the Record button in VLC achieves the basically same end result, but in a fraction of the time. VLC outputs also seemingly maintain all the same information and quality as the original file.


I'm not looking to convert/transcode files if I don't have to; at the end of the day, I'm just trying to manage space by moving originals to a separate storage drive while keeping the snipped clips on my main drive. I use VLC to look through video files before loading them into Premiere Pro. I do this because it's a more time-effective method and I'm used to it at this point, but VLC doesn't seem to support CFHD playback after I transcode with Premiere Pro.


The only benefit I've noticed to use Premiere Pro is that the transcoded CFHD files do seem to have smoother playback and better general preview quality when loaded into Premiere Pro. Most of the footage I'm using is being shot with a Mavic Air 2 and GoPro Hero8 (H264/H265).


The questions I have are:
1) Does the VLC snipping method retain all the information included in the original like I think it does?
2) If the answer to the above is 'yes', does consolidating and transcoding through Premiere Pro have any additional benefits in my case?

Note: Recommendations to use a video player other than VLC will not be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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