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Strange interface issue and mercury playback out of sync

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Aug 26, 2021 Aug 26, 2021

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Hello everyone, (Sorry for my English mistakes maybe)

before exposing my problem I would like to specify my Editing material:


PC components : 



The rest of the components are all very high end and the pc has a perfect cooling system. I build this post to be able to take very heavy editings in the fluidity.


The monitors (Important part) :

The two monitors are connected in DP to the same CG (RTX 3080)

So the first monitor is 2k and the second is 4k.


I use a lot of hard drives to store my rushes but when I edit, I always import the folder to an NVME SSD (temporarily, to finish the edit), the operating system is also installed on another separate NVME SSD, in short, all important resource or cache storage files and other software effects & plugins, are stored on the fastest NVME SSDs available today.


Now my problem :


When I import all my rushes from a (example) wedding, I have about 6 hours of timeline to process and derusher so, I zoom in and zoom out a lot in the timeline with back and forth going right to left .


Playback works very well in 4k, 6k or even 8k files, (something that doesn't surprise me because my material is designed for). But first problem is that I have the mercury video transmission enabled on monitor 2 and during a preview there are lags not for viewing smoothness, but lines (Like when V-sync is disabled in a game ), so I would like to know if it is because of a 4k monitor which .. maybe very heavy to support by my system? Something that would be surprising because I repeat, I can support much more than a 4k monitor ..


My second problem is this famous timeline lag that I mentioned above. So during these maneuvers in the timeline, there are moments of freeze (5, 6 seconds) where the thumbnails of the rush wait to be loaded, as well as the audio levels. So the general experience during video editing is not very smooth and I am a little disappointed because I invested a lot of money in my setup, believing that it would solve these problems.

I've seen friends editing videos on 1080p monitors with much lower setups than mine and they don't have those timeline lags, and the movements are very smooth .. so I don't understand the problem. .


Is it possible that the software itself (the interface) does not support very well 4k monitors ? Because I have the feeling that it is more a problem of interface and compatibility, rather than a problem of resources of the PC (During a heavy editing, I turn around 60% max of CPU usage) and memories.


What do you think I should do? (I have already tried to disable the display of thumbnails on the rushes but .. nothing has changed, there are always mini lags during the maneuvers.


I thank you in advance for your indulgence in my English and for the possible solutions that you can bring me.



Freeze or hang, Performance, User interface or workspaces







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