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Subclips archived copy entire source footage (ghastly huge!)

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May 11, 2023 May 11, 2023

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In the preplan stage of my editing, I’d go through the footage in the “Source” monitor of Premiere Pro, then select (I)n and (O)ut points of something I liked, then make a “Subclip” of that selection.  The pop-up box has a checkbox (which I tick) to “Restrict Trims to Subclip Boundaries.”  The subclip(s) would then be in the media files of the PP project for my forthcoming editing.  Days later, when I’m done with the project, I archive everything to a separate drive, using Premiere Pro’s File/Project Manager “Collect Files and Copy to New Location.”  The danged thing copies the media, yes, but it re-copies the entire raw footage for every subclip I made from that raw footage.  So, in this example, the raw footage is 14GB, and I made 22 subclips.  14x22=308 gigs. 

Why doesn’t Premiere Pro have subclips as a coded reference to the original raw footage instead of currently pulling in the raw footage each time a subclip is made?  I swear (or maybe it's the THC gummies talking) that in earlier versions of PP, the “Make Subclip” had an option to include or not include the entire raw footage as part of the subclip.   If it didn’t, it should.  And yes, I did tick “Exclude Unused Clips” in the Project Manager.







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