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The Purge - Hoarder Days III - Media Chaos

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Dec 27, 2023 Dec 27, 2023

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OK. I have a really strange and terrible situation. I have about 14TBs of video, audio & image files from the last two years. 90% of the video files are named in a way that tells me what projects they belong to. The AE files are also named this way. But the stuff I pull from the web, like a YT video, music/sfx or images, are named for what the image/audio is with no indication of what project it is being used as. 

So, I got an 8-bay storage enclosure unit that takes both M.2 and M.1 drives (via USB4). What I want to do is move all of the client-relevant files and projects to the new storage unit. However, some of the assets in my project are stored on say 2-4 drives. I do understand the project packing utility in the premiere and I should probably pack projects once they are complete in the future. 


I have a couple of questions about how to manage this amount of data in a migration to organize my Landfill of media. 

1. What are some best practices for managing projects completed so that you can hold on to the project for future use? (some clients ask for re-edits 7moths after the project is complete)
2. Should each client get their own drives if they have over, say, 300GB of assets?
3. Is there a 3rd party app that can track the use of a file across apps? Or the history of the movement of a file?

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