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Timeline and other windows freezing when importing additional footage, Premiere Pro

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Nov 09, 2021 Nov 09, 2021

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Bit of a weird one here..

So when editing, I can import as many clips as I like initially, and edit with no issues, and I can add them by whatever method I please. When I add more footage, after having edited clips on the timeline, the Timeline and graphics window (see in the vidoe example attached) freeze and become unresponsive until pressing File or the windows key, whereupon they jump back to where they should be after having scrubbed the timeline or whatever.


Weirder still, moving the playhead from the bit above the timeline tracks gives no response, but scrubbing by holding the line part on the tracks cases the playhead to move on the timeline, while still being unresponsive to things like clicking items on the timeline. 


When the issue occurs, there are performance spikes on the CPU and GPU that remain there until I do one of two things, which also resolves the issue : remove the new media from the import bin, or continue to edit until, after a random amount of time, the windows click back into responsiveness and the program works as normal. No particular action seems to free the timeline of this issue, and it can take anywhere from 2 minutes to two hours of putting up with the issue until it goes away. My specs and an attched video example of premiere in this state is attached below. Also, there are no apparent impacts to my RAM or hard drive / ssd (depending on where the project is saved) that would suggest these components are involved. 


I would like to know if there is a fix for this, as it's incredibly inconvenient to put up with, and my place of study uses the latest version of premiere anyway which makes reverting back to previous versions to solve the issue very inconvenient for me, who spreads working across home and college environments. 


I have tried a fresh install, and I have been experiencing the issue for about three weeks, since the penultimate update before the final patches to 2021 edition and the release of premiere pro 2022. 


My Specs :

Ryzen 3700X

RTX 3070 8GB

32Gb 3200mHz



Editing, Error or problem, Freeze or hang, Import, Performance







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