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Unable to use Adobe Premiere; Hangs/Freezes/Unresponsive upon doing many actions.

New Here ,
Jan 09, 2023 Jan 09, 2023

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I'm not sure where to start so I'll try to be concise;
Windows 10 64 bit

A few days ago, I was using Premiere with little issue.
All at the same time, I did sevearl things between sessions of Premiere that could be culprits; I updated my video driver and I was clearing some junk off of my computer that threw a random error upon loading audio VSTs for Roland. I ignored it thinking little of it.

I can load any project, old or new; Upon trying to click file, the entire program hangs, though sometimes I was able to get down to click to save, which then there it would hang.  I had attempted to get into the media cache settings to clear it but I'm starting to assume it's more than that at this point.

Things I have already done:
- Rollback video driver and try the Studio versions of the Nvidia driver.

- Update Premiere, uninstall Premiere completely, reinstall Premiere, uninstalled all of Creative Cloud, and went through an hour long remote support session that I eventually disconnected because it was going no where after an hour and I was tired of watching them turn off random things on my autostart menu because they were just as lost as me.
- Deleted everything related, using CC Cleaner, and reinstalled Creative Cloud, still with no change in Premiere's behavior.

I am currently in gridlock with this app. I've never had any problems in the decade+ I've used these programs so I'm not dissing on the quality, I am simply baffled at confused and have never seen anything quite this elusive when trying to diagnose a problem. I'm not versed enough in logs, but I haven't tried to look through them yet so it's entirely possible there's something in there.

I will continue trying to search for the culprit but in the mean time, please as me questions and offer guidance or suggestions. I am willing to try just about anything as I have been unable to edit on my only powerful PC for the last three days.

So in summary, to reproduce, all I do is load into any new or exsisting project and then do just about anything and the entire program hangs and becomes unresposive. It is such a bizzare experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great day. ♥

Error or problem , Freeze or hang , Performance






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