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Sep 03, 2022 Sep 03, 2022

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All of a sudden, Premiere Pro is running like crap! My video and audio are linked, but suddenly, when I cut one, the other doesn't get cut with it. While ripple delete moves them both, that's the only time they seem to move in unison now.

Additionally, I'm having trouble dragging a video onto the timeline and heaven help me, the last video I did was skipping and getting garbled all over the place. It ended up playing fine on YouTube, but even after rendering it, it sounded terrible. 

My project window is all of a sudden in the upper right instead of where it's always been in the lower left and even though I move it each time, it's all out of whack the next time.

This *feels* like an update, so I'm in the process of rolling it back now and I hope that makes things better. My first step was to uninstall it and reinstall it but that changed nothing except the garbling I was getting. I'm all for updates if they improve things, but this doesn't feel like an improvement. I feel like I went backwards a few years.

Does anyone here know why my linking isn't working anymore? Also, is there a good reason why I suddenly can't drag a file onto the timeline?

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