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Videos import with no audio on PP21 & PP22, regardless of media cache being emptied.

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Oct 27, 2021 Oct 27, 2021

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On every single project I make, the audio fails to import after I've successfully imported a clip with audio. I have tried deleting the cache, and now I do it out of habit. Regardless, the problem persists.


The only solution I have found that I can count on is to undo the video import (ctrl-z), save the project, close premiere, and try it again. This typically works for one or two clip imports before reverting to the no-audio-import issue.


This is such a basic function that should work every time, but somehow Adobe fails to fix the issue. There are other posts about it, there are article written about it, but no fix. This may seem like a minor issue but on a large project, this really adds up as a disruption of workflow.


Do any of you kind folks out there have a permanent solution aside from wiping everything, reinstalling, and hoping for the best?

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