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Weird Audio/Video desync issue

New Here ,
Jun 20, 2022 Jun 20, 2022

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Heya all,

I've come across a problem that is new to me, and I just cant figure out what it is:


In my project I have synced up video clips with external audio. I started editting, all went fine. The next day, I open up my project, and a few clips' synced audio files had desynced (the video track was correct, but the audio had shifted. Note that it only happened in some shots, not the full clip, meaning: I made a few different cuts in A002_002.mxf and its corresponding external audio, only one of those cuts would desync.). The odd thing was, in my spot sequence some of these clips, but not all of them, were desynced.


After syncing everything back up, I started to continue editting for the day. Now, today, I open it up, and DIFFERENT clips have the same issue. The time shift between these clips are completely different too. In my spot sequence the same has happened, some of these clips have shifted, some of them have not. It feels completely random and for the love of it, I cant figure out what is happening


I have a feeling that if I fix all the timeshifts again, I'm going to have the same problem tommorow, so if anyone has any idea what is happening, I could really use some help!




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