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Allow me to pick which side of a selected clip stays selected when Razor Cut or Add Edit

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Sep 19, 2023 Sep 19, 2023

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So, I have a clip selected in my timeline, highlighted with white border.  I add an edit and the part of the clip to the left of the edit stays selected.  Let me explain the reasons this is not intuative. 

First, it's selecting a clip earlier in time.  Usual workflow in a timeline is beginning to end, so, in order to make progress, I have to re-select. 

Next, it's selecting a clip you are no longer sitting on.  So, let's say I add an edit, and want to change any parameter in the effects controls.  I can't see what I'm changing until I either move in the timeline to the selected clip, or re-select the clip I am sitting on. 

There are times when I add an edit and want to work with the selected cip to the left of the edit.  But 9 times out of 10 or more, I want to manipulate the clip to the right of the edit point. 

Please add a setting to allow selection of the right hand of the selected clip in timeline setting.  A huge proportion of my job as an editor is selecting clips.  Please don't make me select them twice!

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