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Better tools for Consolidate Media

Community Beginner ,
Mar 07, 2024 Mar 07, 2024

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I appreciate the existence of the "Consolidate Media" function, but the lack of any customizability is extremely frustrating. There's no ability to choose which version you'd like to keep, so often times the version I had well organized in a bin disappears, and the version I'd like to get rid of is the one that stays. Some sort of ability to set which bin should keep the media and which bin should have the media removed from it would be super nice.


Furthermore, there's no ability to manually override when Premiere doesn't recognize two clips as the same, even when they're linking to the same file and have the same name. It would be extremely nice to have the ability to tell Premiere "these two items are the same, can you please consolidate them".


Also, I'm not sure why Premiere so often imports duplicate media even when the "allow import of duplicate media" box is unchecked. These duplicates are starting to drive me a little crazy.

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