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Enhancement Request for Adobe Premier Pro - Inclusion of Hebrew Language for Transcription Services

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Jun 08, 2023 Jun 08, 2023

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Dear Adobe Engineering/Developer Team,


I''m writing to propose a significant enhancement to Adobe Premier Pro’s transcription services. Specifically, I suggest the inclusion of Hebrew, a language that holds the potential to greatly enrich the utility and effectiveness of your product.


Here are key reasons supporting the addition of Hebrew:


  1. Expanding User Base: A sizable Hebrew-speaking community exists worldwide, and Hebrew transcription would empower professional and amateur video editors within these communities to utilize Adobe Premier Pro’s transcription services more effectively.
  2. Increasing Accessibility: Hebrew transcription would bridge language gaps and foster inclusivity, enhancing user experience by making more content accessible and understandable to Hebrew speakers.
  3. Fostering Creativity: Hebrew, one of the world's oldest languages, carries a rich cultural and historical heritage. Incorporating Hebrew would provide new avenues for creativity within these cultural contexts, fostering unique content.
  4. Competitive Edge: Hebrew is underrepresented in many transcription services. Incorporating it could set Adobe Premier Pro apart and reinforce Adobe’s commitment to catering to a diverse array of user needs.
  5. Leveraging Tel Aviv's Tech Sector: Tel Aviv, Israel, a hub of technological innovation and home to a substantial Hebrew-speaking population, stands to benefit immensely from this feature. Hebrew transcription services could seamlessly integrate into the workflows of this dynamic tech ecosystem, driving mutual growth.


From a personal standpoint, this addition holds significant value in transcribing Talmudic lectures that involve both English and Hebrew speakers. A platform that can seamlessly transcribe two different languages within the same sequence would not only improve the accessibility of these lectures but also aid in the preservation and dissemination of Talmudic knowledge. I believe this multi-language transcription feature could resonate with many users handling multi-language content, further expanding Adobe's user base.


As far as implementation is concerned, adding Hebrew support to your transcription service will likely involve several stages:


  1. Language Model Training: For transcription, Adobe would need to train a language model on a substantial corpus of Hebrew text. This corpus should ideally include a wide range of Hebrew dialects and accents.
  2. Multi-Language Detection: For handling sequences containing multiple languages, Adobe could consider implementing a language detection algorithm at the beginning of the transcription process. This would allow the system to dynamically switch between language models based on the detected language.
  3. User Interface Modification: The user interface of the transcription service would need to be updated to include Hebrew as an option. Users should also be able to select multiple languages for a single sequence.
  4. Testing and Evaluation: Before deploying, rigorous testing should be performed to ensure the accuracy of Hebrew transcriptions and the effective functioning of the multi-language feature.


I understand and respect the terms and conditions set by Adobe for such submissions. I acknowledge that Adobe may already be exploring similar ideas or might receive similar suggestions. However, I remain convinced that adding Hebrew transcription services, particularly with the ability to transcribe multi-language sequences, would be a progressive move enhancing Adobe's global reach, reinforcing its presence in key tech markets like Tel Aviv, and promoting language diversity.


I appreciate your consideration of this proposal and anticipate the continued evolution of Adobe Premier Pro to cater to its diverse user base.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to innovation and improvement.


Best regards,

A Concerned User

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