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Essential Graphics: Automatically change back to Selection tool when exiting (Esc) text entry

Enthusiast ,
Feb 24, 2023 Feb 24, 2023

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After typing a new title in the EGP, it's frustrating to have to press both 'Esc' followed by 'V' before the title can be moved or resized in the Program Monitor.
The approach used in the Legacy Titler is much better:
When typing a title, hitting 'Esc' automatically exits typing AND reverts back to the Selection tool in a single step.
This is a better approach for 3 reasons:
1. 1 step is easier/faster/less frustrating than 2 steps.
2. MANY titles consist of a single block of text, so while the EGP's approach does make it easier for a user to create additional blocks of texts (2 steps [Esc + click on new text location] vs 3 steps like in the Legacy Titler [Esc + T + click]), users would most often benefit from saving a step to modify their newly created title rather than saving a step to create an additional block of text within the same title.
3. It would keep the workflow consistent with the Legacy Titler, which isn't just more logical and useful, but also more familiar to long time Pr users.
Little quirks like this might not seem like a big deal, but they present repeated points of frustration. Pain points should be eliminated as much as possible when forcing users to transition from a legacy tool to a newer version of it.
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