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Essential Graphics credit rolling title not smooth during playback

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Jan 24, 2023 Jan 24, 2023

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In Premiere Pro 23.0.0 and Beta 23.2.0 I have a project where I am using rolling titles in Essential Graphics (EGT). In previous versions rolling titles would play relatively smoothly from the timeline. In version 23, they are not doing so, and it is very difficult to estimate what they will look like without completely pre-rendering them.
Upon investigation, the EGP rolling titles are fully using the CPU now instead of the GPU (perhaps this was always the case. However, I do not remember the high CPU usage during rolling credit sequences.). Now, when playing a credit roll in a sequence (1080p/60), whether on top of a still graphic layer or not, when the play head reaches the credit roll, CPU usage goes from about 18% to about 70%, with one thread reaching 95% utilization on an Intel i7-6800K using 13GB of 32GB RAM and an nVidia GTX 1080 using 1.8GB of 8GB VRAM. During credit roll, GPU usage drops from 12% playing back an MPEG2 MXF video to 3% during the credit roll atop a 1920x1080 photoshop file.

I understand that tasks are divided between GPU and CPU. However, It just seems that observing previous iterations of PPro, the EGP rolling titles played more smoothly and utilized the GPU for rendering.

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