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Exporter screen and new project screen is still not good.

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Aug 09, 2023 Aug 09, 2023

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Many months later, the new project screen and exporter screens are still very poorly designed.  There have been countless complaints about it everywhere on this forum, on reddit, on youtube, yet Adobe has refused to listen to their paying customers, and I guess by now people have just accepted it (Not very good customer relations).
I've read that ranting isn't considered helpful on this forum, so here are very specific things for why it's bad:

1)The new presets system is worse than what it was 2 years ago. Now when you select a format, then choose a preset, it defaults back to completely different formats based on the preset you choose, instead of having all the presets ONLY for the format you selected.
2) The entire layout is worse including how the export button is all the way at the bottom right, when all settings are at the top left

3) You can't press enter on your keyboard to start a render
4) It takes more clicks to export compared to the old system from a couple years ago

5)The new project screen defaults to a random folder, and the navigation screen is messy compared to simply sticking to using the Finder window from the operating system which everyone is used to
6)the new project screen has new sequence settings on the right (Why isn's this on the left with everything else to make it easy?, Also, there are no options? When you expand the area, there are no options to select your sequence settings, so i don't see a point in having this option

7) The new project screen has everything spread out and large across the screen, it was much better before when it was all done in a smaller window in the middle
8) The entire community clearly hates the new layout, so not doing what the paying customers want is probably not a good idea. I've seen online that Adobe flew content creators out and one of the things mentioned was the new layout, so why hasn't it been reverted back, or significantly changed so that everyone is happy?


It takes a long time to write this stuff out to leave feedback which shows a lot of motivation in terms of the amount I dislike the layouts. There was nothing wrong with them before, who's idea was it even to change?


If Adobe could only do one thing moving forward it should be to simply listen to their paying customers. Clearly it was a mistake to change the layouts; it should have been reversed by the next update, or at least significantly changed, but instead the opposite happened; I see numerous posts here where someone from Adobe replied and basically said 'We have no plans on changing it'. Well great! That's a good way to get people to try out DaVinci Resolve for *free*. Their team implements user feedback frequently and has a very high customer satisfaction.


I dare Adobe to put out a survey for Premiere Pro on customer satisfaction. I'm not saying this stuff to hate; I'm saying this stuff because Premiere has SO MUCH potential and with a few changes of management style, it could be amazing moving forward, but the people in charge are just not paying attention, or simply don't care to listen to the people that pay for their business to exist. If the community is sharing HUNDREDS of posts constantly about something they don't like; it's a really good idea to pay attention to it and address their needs. These are professionals, with most of them using the product to pay bills and when things change and get worse, it becomes personal to them because it's an inconvenience, an interruption. This is where the frustration is coming from. All we want your team to do is not make it worse, and if it is made worse, acknowledge it, then act to correct it within a reasonable amount of time


Also, connecting with content creators was a great idea, they use the product constantly, they know whats good, they have their own communities; that should be an obvious connection point to build partnerships where Adobe and content creators are constantly working to make the product the best it can be.


Hopefully, this is considered helpful.

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1 Comment
Aug 09, 2023 Aug 09, 2023

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Please keep posting. This was well presented with specific issues and therefore of interest and use.


I'm not using the Import page. As so often noted, us more experienced users and those with complex projects were never expected to use it. For us, it's like before...


Project Name. Location. Create.


It's a pain we can't hit Enter after setting Location, have to mouse over the rest of the monitor. And my main monitor is a super-wide one.


The Export page is also not of use to me, but I made presets for my needs, and un-starred all others. So it's not a huge pain.


Even though I don't care for them, I do know other users who love one or both. Everyone's mileage always varies.


I'm also experienced in Resolve, and it's got good things and some things that ... ain't so good. They're tools.