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Feature: Replacing cuts from export with raw files

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Apr 25, 2023 Apr 25, 2023

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This might be too specific a need and might not be so common on the other hand this feature might already exist I don't know.


I found myself on many occasions needing to reproduce a cut with raw files referring to a past export. Let me put it in practical terms. It would be so nice, for me at least, if I could feed Premiere a final video I made or made by someone else and tell it to find these shots in the raw files in the project and replicate the cut using the raw files effectlivey replacing the export with cuts and raw files so I can make adjustments to that video.


Let's say I take over from an editor and the company doesn't work with that editor any more. They got the shoot files but they don't have the project file from this editor or I misplaced my project file. I would use this feature to fix, improve the export.


Hope it makes sense and this wasn't a waste of your time.



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