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Feature Request: Simultaneous Display of Multiple Subtitle Tracks in Premiere Pro

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Oct 03, 2023 Oct 03, 2023

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Hey fellow editors,


Is anyone else frustrated with Premiere Pro's limitation of displaying only one captions track at a time in the program monitor? It's been years, and this hasn't been addressed!


The Problem:

  • Can't see multiple subtitle tracks at once and edit them together at once (You can currently only view/ edit one track at a time, Premiere always disables the other subtitle tracks). This makes subtitle creation tedious, in an ever-demanding subtitled-videos environment. can't see captions.JPG

  • Current workarounds are time-consuming, frustrating and inefficient (nesting subtitles into invisible-video-tracks if you ever want to show more than one subtitle track on your video, third-party plugins, specialized Ai-subtitling websites that have more subtitle flexibility etc.)


What We Need:


  1. Toggle visibility for all subtitle tracks at the same time.
  2. Intuitive management in the interface = Just like we can with video/audio clips, we also need to be able to move captions around, between subtitle tracks, while these tracks are visible and editable at all times. Right now, the current situation is frustrating and time-consuming (only one subtitle track visible at a time, the other is not, and the subs from the un-seeable track don't even show up on the video preview).


If you feel the same, please chime in!


Given that we consistently contribute through our monthly subscription fees to Adobe, one would hope they can allocate a tiny bit of resources to address this longstanding subtitle tracks issue, which would make our life easier!

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