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Fix selection inconsistencies, please!

Enthusiast ,
Feb 24, 2023 Feb 24, 2023

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The universal convention for selecting items works as follows (in MS Windows’ Explorer, MacOS and all convention-respecting software, including most Adobe programs):
Ctrl (Cmd)-select = selects or deselects individual items, one by one.
Shift-select = selects the range of items between a selected item and the Shift-selected one
Ctrl (Cmd)-A = selects all items
Unfortunately, Premiere Pro has major consistency issues when it comes to how items are selected. This results in user frustration/confusion and a much less than ideal workflow. Here are the issues and proposed solutions:
Project Window: Shift & Ctrl-selecting/deselecting works as expected in all views: Icon, List and Freeform. With a current selection of clips, Ctrl-selecting another clip and then Shift-Ctrl-selecting yet another clips allows a second range of clips to be selected. This works in Icon and List view but not in Freeform view. Solution: allow Shift-Ctrl-selecting additional ranges of clips to work in Freeform view as well.
Timeline: Ctrl-selecting does not work. Shift-selecting clips works the way Ctrl-selecting does: it selects clips 1 by 1. This is unexpected and unhelpful. Solution: Enable Ctrl-selection/deselection of individual clips. Allow Shift-select to select all clips within a range. If the first selected clip is on V1 and the user Shift-selects another clip on V1, then all clips in between on V1 should be selected. If the user Shift-selects a second clip on V3, then all clips in between on V1, V2 and V3 should be selected, and so forth.
Essential Graphics and Legacy Titler: Ctrl-select doesn’t work while Shift-select performs the function of Ctrl-select: titles are selected 1 by 1. Solution: Respect selection conventions… Ctrl-select selects titles 1 by 1, Shift-select selects all titles between the first and last selected title. NOTE: oddly, selecting titles directly in the Essential Graphics panel does follow selection convention: Ctrl and Shift-selecting works as expected (with the exception that a user cannot Ctrl-deselect an individual title. Trying to do so deselects all selected titles). This means that not only are there selection inconsistencies between tools in Premiere, but there’s even inconsistencies within some tools themselves!
Effect Controls: Ctrl-select selects individual effects, but Shift-select doesn’t work. With regards to keyframes, both Shift and Ctrl-select selects keyframes individually. With regards to Text layers (under Vector Motion) everything works as expected. Solution: Allow Shift-select to select a range of effects/keyframes as expected by software convention.
Effects: Ctrl-select works as expected. Shift-select does not work. Solution: Enable Shift-select to select a range of effects. Why would a user ever want to do this? To easily select a group of effects to drag into a custom bin for organizational purposes.
Fixing 'boring' issues like this could have a bigger overall positive impact on editors than introducing flashy new features!
Selection Inconsistencies.jpg
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