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Interactive Fade Handles Ideas (Bring In More from Audition)

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May 15, 2024 May 15, 2024

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The way interactive fades behave in Audition is preferable to me, but I'm glad the feature is somewhat avaialble in Premiere Pro now!

Can we get the Fade Shapes Cosine and Linear into the context-click menu when right-clicking on a crossfade? Having to switch it up in the effects controls isn't as streamlined as it could be. Some sort of hotkey (ALT or CTRL & click) to be able to instantly swap would be huge. Fading in and out to silence generally sounds better when it's more linear than cosine to my ears, so being able to switch with a modified click would be a benefit.


The tooltip in Audition shows the "Fade Value", so if you drag up or down, you have a number to reference. The tooltip also displays whether it's cosine or linear in Audition. Can you put this into the tooltip while adjusting the fades?

The Asymmetrical crossfade feature in Audition seems way more useful by default than the Symmetrical one, which is the only one implemented at the moment. Can you bring in an Asymmetrical option for crossfades? I can't imagine personally wanting my crossfades to get quieter or louder very often (if ever). Being able to fade more quickly out of one sound and into the other is way more useful.

The actual lines that represent the clip amplitude in a fade are overdrawn, and are hidden under a large border. There's a big transparent white border around fades with a black inset, which overlaps and obscures my view of the fade lines. Can these be fade lines be shrunk down and drawn only within the inside the visible region, not overlapped by the border? It would make things much easier to see.

Audition has "Automatic Crossfades". While this could weak havoc on people's workflows if this was brought in as a default, it would be great to timeshift audio slightly that has crossfades on either end, and just have those fades adjust automatically, rather than wipe the slate clean. Perhaps SHIFT+dragging on a clip could retain the fades? Hmm...

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