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Keyboard short cut to set audio volume level of a clip on the timeline to 0db

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Mar 15, 2024 Mar 15, 2024

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As a rule I keep all or most of my audio tracks in my timeline while I am cutting, but often I don't need all the tracks of a particular clip to be heard all the time or only portions of the track need to be heard in my offline version of the mix. The fastest way for me to turn those tracks off is to enable/disable them using a keyboard shortcut. However when sending a film to sound via AAF or OMF, disabled tracks show up as enabled and become part of the mix, which is misleading for the sound department. I would like the sound department to have these tracks to access in their mix but I don't want to hear them in my offline cut. I would like a simple keyboard shortcut that will take a selected audio track/tracks in the timeline and set the volume to 0db with one keystroke. This would save so much time in finishing and make everyone's life easier. Thank you! 

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