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Log encoded workflow hiccups and needs: a central CM control panel

Mar 09, 2023 Mar 09, 2023

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This was initially posted as a discussion on the Public Beta forum. Due to the suggestion from staffer Fergus H, I am reposting this on this forum.


The current setup for log-encoded media can work fairly decently. Without too much extra/wasted steps, click, mouse to keyboard to mouse movements. The auto-tonemapping for instance works quite well with some clips, decently with others, though not so good with other clips, at least as we need them to appear.


But the current ... process, not a system really ... has a couple inherent failings. At least, as far as being able to work quickly and smoothly.


You must know the precise log format from the list in Interpret Footage that will work for each clip. And all clips need to work either equally well, either all with, or all without auto-tonemapping.


In an Ideal world, that would be the case. But often we get say something that we think is from a Canon, it's log, but ... what log? No way of knowing. There's two options, very different in effect. You simply have to guess.


Or it's a Sony clip ... with what, three options?


And how about from something log-ish but we don't know what camera ... right?


The current process is absolutely a pain in the posterior at this point. As to try a log setup, then try another, takes a LOT of mouse work, selecting the clip in the bin again ... right-clicking/Modify/Intepret Footage again ... selecting another option, clicking ok.


And when you need to try another option, rinse & repeat.


This doesn't even take into account the need to mess with auto-tonemapping for one clip, but not another.


There is no way to have auoto-tonemapping on some clips but not on others. It's an all or nothing for the sequence.


For many clips, auto-tonemapping works great. For others, it doesn't, or at least, doesn't fit with the aesthetic choices we would want to make for that clip. We can't start with the log image, we start with the tonemapped image. NOT ... ideal.


WE NEED a panel for both selecting log formats AND for setting tonemapping per clip ... that stays OPEN and workable while testing the various options out. This is a painful waste of crucial time over a UI issue that needs fixing now.


The amount of time I spend messing with this, with my small projects, is a right pain. Even though I rarely have more than 5-20 clips on a sequence.


I cannot imagine doing this with a freaking long-format gig! Several hundred or several thousand clips ... yowza! You could spend several days simply setting the base color space/log format for one seqeunce!


In my always humble opinion ... please, can this be changed and that right soon? 





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