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Mouse wheel jogging/input preferences

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May 14, 2024 May 14, 2024

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Editing this because after working the last couple hours I really can't stand the changes to mouse behaviour.


Please bring back mouse wheel jogging when hovering over the program/source monitors. The best solution would be to have a button/keyboard shortcut that simply switches between jogging/continous zoom functionality.


Don't cripple people who've relied on one way of using your software for years by catering to a new group. Personally I think it's a nice feature to have but I rarely do any kind of design etc. work within Premiere that benefits from zooming in, maybe once a week if not less than that do I ever change the zoom on my program monitor. Most of the work I do that requires that kind of functionality gets saved for After Effects. But I use the mouse to quicly jog a few frames in the monitors CONSTANTLY, I didn't even realize how often until this change. I've accidentally zoomed the monitors at least a dozen times in the last hour just acting on instinct.


Original post below.


Would be really great to have options to change mouse behaviour.


The new continuous zoom/pan feature is nice, but I far preferred being able to jog the timeline by just hovering the mouse over the panels. I've used this functionality for years vs. rarely needing to zoom my program or especially source monitors. Now you have to hover over the timecode to jog by mouse wheel. I use this feature constantly to flip between two clips at edit points, so having to target the small timecode locations instead of being able to quickly flick the mouse up over the program window is a real pain.


Seems like it really shouldn't be difficult to allow mouse control preferences. How is it any different than keyboard shortcuts? Would love to be able to bind the continuous zoom function to Ctrl, remove the shortcut for zooming to centre, and let the default scrolling behaviour return to timeline jogging.

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