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Nested captions: Some way of allowing them to percolate to top sequence as data not just video.

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Mar 22, 2023 Mar 22, 2023

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I'm working with a number of multi-cam sequences which have their own captions.

I can't re-transcribe them... I need to work with existing captions.


I'm editing these sequences down in a master editing sequence, and I can see the captions (when I turn-off video track multi-cam, which is fine). But I can't export them as SRT. I can only do that from each multi-cam sequence where the captions reside.


Could Adobe please find a way to allow this captioning data to percolate up to the master editing sequence? This could be a one-time process... not necessarily dynmamic.


I can appreciate that it could cause grief if main editing sequence captions were then editable if they were also dynamic (reflecting changes in nested sequences as those changes are made, the way audio and video do... and the way visual captions do) so perhaps a way of approaching this would be to create a "virtual captions track" where all nested sequences captions percoalte up in a read-only (but dynamic) fashion.


When I'm looking at TEXT window, my choices are:

- Create captions from transcript.

- Create new caption track.

- Import captions from file.


...how about an option...


- Import captions from nested sequences.


...so that could be a non-dynamic approach? Once they're imported they're just a copy of the nested-sequence captions. And if I make a change to nexted sequence captions I can just re-import from nested sequences again.


Thank you, -Gord

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