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Option to disable clip overwrite

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Jan 24, 2023 Jan 24, 2023

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I would like to have the option to disable clip overwriting and/or splitting (such as what happens with the insert/CTRL+click function). If I add all of my clips to the same track, I would like them to just stack up behind one another, uncut.

This would be extremely useful when adding intros, intermissions, or additional footage to the begnning or middle of a project. Having to constantly select/lock and move around my entire project just to add in an intro or some clips in the middle is really inefficent.

Functionally, it would look like this: when moving or adding clips on the same track, they would be prioritized by whichever one starts first on the timeline. If a new clip is added overlapping another clip (on the same track), then the clip that begins first on the timeline would take priority. The "second" clip would stack behind it, and any other clip(s) would continue to stack behind that. When "disable clip overwrite" is set, then CTRL+click can still serve as the insert or "overwrite' function.

Personally, I don't really overwrite tracks, I just delete them. If I need them to overlap, I just use the different track layers. I think at least having the option to disable overwrite would be helpful for those of us who never use it and for people who are new to PP.
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