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Possible to open the same panel x2 / in multiple windows?

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Dec 08, 2022 Dec 08, 2022

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Not sure what to search to see if this question has been asked / answered though I'd love to be able to open my FX panel x2. 

I have multiple monitors, one of which is a fullscreen pancake timeline display.  Currently, I keep the FX panel to the right of the timelines as a narrow vertical column, hiding the keyframes.

I'd love to be able to have the same window duplicated on the screen to the left of this, wider to allow for keyframe editing.

Currently, I'll either reframe the window so I can continue to see the timeline and add keyframe view or I'll go full screen on the FX panel.

This may be a unique request and not sure if it's feasible with Premiere's current programming since the two panels would have to communicate with one another.


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