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Premiere struggles to sync poly WAV files. Please make it possible to import polyWAV and sync withou

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Jan 24, 2023 Jan 24, 2023

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Premiere struggles to sync poly WAV files. Please make it possible to import polyWAV and sync without having to line up each video clip 1st. Here's a post In put on help forms with my experience on a project:

Editing in Premiere and my sound guy gave me poly WAV files, whic I now need to sync using the scratch track from my camera (Zcam E2 S6).
Pulled the (poly) .wav files into the Premiere timeline, which revealed all but one of the indivividual tracks (weird, I can see all 5 tracks in modify->audio channels but only 4 appear in the Timeline). Anyway, Premiere won't sync in timeline ("Synchronize" greys out) because some clips share tracks. There are a LOT of clips -- so creating a new track for each manually isn't feasible.

Tried PluralEyes both inside Premiere and stand alone, exporting .xml each time, including a timeline with original camera audio replaced (not that that would matter). PluralEyes inside Premiere resulted in overlapping video and audio clips, a mess. PluralEyes stand alone exported multiple audio tracks, but all appeared to be duplicates, and ONLY Track 1 played -- which I assume is the MONO Mix he recorded on the first track of the polywave. Looking back at the stand-alone "sync'd" PluralEyes project timeline for clues, I noticed there is only one audio clip sync'd to each video clip (which I assume is its poly WAV) shown as a single clip.

My question: What's the Adobe workflow to sync polyWAV files to video? Maybe pull them into an audio program and export separate mono track files, then import into (PluralEyes?), sync and export .xml to Premiere? I would assume I'll run into the "same track" issue in Premiere if I try it natively...

Also -- I don't think this should complicated things much once I have the answer above -- I have another project with polywave files and multiple cameras -- but I think nsyncing those once I know how to deal with the PW files should be pretty straightforward.
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