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REQUEST: Options to use the previous Export and New Document windows

Engaged ,
Aug 10, 2023 Aug 10, 2023

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Hi There,


As per the insanely long threads (now closed) and on behalf of the 100s if not 1000s of posts on this (see below), I'd like to request a preference to use the previous export and new document interfaces for the endless reasons stated in those well-known threads.


For me, those previous windows...

  • Created less mouse work, especially on larger displays
  • Created less distracting UI that fitted more options into a smaller space
  • Export was executed reliably with a shortcut
  • Better focused users on the specific, core tasks at hand with zero distractions e.g. 90% of the new documnet interface is pointless and choosing a save location (a core task) is now hidden within a menu that requires yet more mouse work to accesss, plus that new menu interferes with the test footage that's now shown by default requring even more mouse work to access
  • Created a better balance between features and clutter
  • Created consistency of UX with other Adobe apps


And here are some specific, actionable changes...


Allow keyboard entry in all drop-downs so we can hit 'q' for quicktime or the first letter of a custom preset for example.

Remember previous settings per timeline as per the previous export window. Again, why create extra work? UPDATE: I have one project which never remembers the last export setting but another which does. Maybe the one that doesn't was created in an older version but I'm not 100% if this is why.

The roll-ups/accordions are painful because you can't see both video and audio settings simultaneously - yet more pointing and clicking. Also, the vertical spacing on everything is too big, especially for laptops - which is why you've probably implemented accordions? We don't use Resolve because of it's large vertical spacing, it's a pain-point for many of us, especially when on the road.

It's great that 'Export' is now the primary button and not 'Send to Media Encoder'. However, hitting enter to export opens one of the settings dropdowns and doesn't export anything? If we see a big blue button, we expect enter to trigger it - right?

Several times now, the Range dropdown has set itself to 'Custom'. Not sure why, however I did notice that it had set itself to the previous video exported (20sec) when the new video was 15sec, thus rendering 5sec of black at the end. Not sure if this is a bug but I can't reliably replicate this.

If you're going to reset workflows (agile development?) please keep a running list of UI/UX standards so you implement new features in a quality way from the start. Otherwise, it just wastes so much of our time.



And if you want even more context for why these sorts of feature approaches don't work...

When you replace OS-native dialogue boxes (open, save, new, import, export etc), OS-native shortcuts no longer work.

Like on Mac...
- CMD D = Desktop
- CMD + SHIFT + C = Computer Root
- CMD + Down Arrow to go into a folder (in list view)
- CMD + Up arrow to go up a folder (in list view)
- Typing the first few letters of a folder name to select it
- Double-click a file to auto-name the new project with the name of the double-clicked file
- OS ways of viewing files (icon, column, list view) and the shortcuts

The reason this is so painful, is because you're breaking something we're doing 100s if not 1000s fo times a day across multiple apps, including non-Adobe apps.

We're working professionals, learning new tricks is what we're doing all day. I'm currently learning Cinema 4D, natural interior lighting for stills and video, Fusion and Resolve.

My head hurts and now I have to waste time learning basics I don't need to learn. Incredibly frustrating sorry.

Remove everything, start again and see what people miss? I understand the appeal of Agile development from a dev point if view but leaving out basic UI interaction is infuriating sorry. With standard UI elements (e.g. selects) the world has collectively discovered the best ways to interact with them.

But with these new project and export screens for example, we can't type the first few letters of items within selects. This interaction is so basic that it's often included in web design blog posts; Don't make these five form mistakes etc.

What message are you sending when finished features are shipped missing basic UI interactions? It's not a good one - right?

Take the new project screen for example, it shows Adobe stock when trying to name and navigate the file system (without shortcuts!).

But stock footage has nothing to do with saving a project file, and the stock footage displayed also has nothing to do with my project.

We want to hit a few shortcuts and be done. If we want stock footage, we'll find some. It's a puzzling waste of resources and definitely not the 'cool stuff' we're looking for.

We're subscribed to an eco-system of Adobe apps, so when OS file shortcuts don't work in one of the apps, you've broken Design 101 - consistency.

For example, why not take the best pen/points/curve tool (Photoshop's is the best) and make creating vectors work identically across all apps? Premiere's pen tool is the worst BTW.

Or InDesign has the best asset management and packaging tools. Why don't all Adobe apps work the same way? Sure, there'll be app-specific differences but assets are still assets, they need importing, updating, exporting and packaging. 99% of the UX is done - right?

You're selling a consistent suite. Innovate but don't pull apart the basics or you'll remove the reasons we stick with Premiere. This isn't a ball and chain! It's the primary advantage of the leveraged brand strategy Adobe uses.

And millions of us agree, that's why we stick with Premiere, despite Resolve running rings around you, year after year.

I'm not sure who thought the problem with Premiere was creating new documents and exporting them but I think I speak for most of us when I say the number one issue currently, is PERFORMANCE.



And more context which may help explain where pros are coming from...


@PatRick "I'm looking at thousands of data points from well over 3 years, and they're simply telling a different story than this thread."

That's right, because most people are pointer & clickers. But many of us have spent careers steering the majority away from inefficient practices, mainly so they can get a pay rise.

Don't fall victim to 'the research told us XYZ'. It takes leadership to balance research from the masses, with production realities: speed, consistency and efficiency. Yes, I know that's hard to hear so I feel for you!

But the philosophy & implementation behind these new screens have unfortunately laid bare a harsh reality, that Adobe no longer understands production fundamentals and that we're supposed to make the case for speed, consistency and efficiency moving forward.

Sure, there's always room for improvement and we all make mistakes but up until now, I'd never worried that Adobe hadn't understood production ethos.

This leaves many wondering what this means for the future? Hence all the angst.



@antoine ‘The old window wasn’t perfect too’

Nobody expects perfection. But in some areas of these new screens, 40 years of established UX convention (because it’s most efficient) has been tossed out.

It seems many chalk this up to old dogs/new tricks but nothing could be further than the truth - we’re pros, we’re learning new techniques, new features and new software all the time - it’s a core competency.



@EAddison @Francis-Crossman @Patrick24704969l9gv 


Yes, frustration causes dumb comments but don't think it's about resistance to change or old dogs, new tricks. When you work in video, motion graphics & 3D, you're changing/learning every day. Adapt or die.


The frustration comes from new UI that requires extra pointing and clicking to accomplish the same task, or new UI that obscures the fundamental task, or new UI that breaks consistency with other Adobe apps, or new UI that breaks consistency with the OS.


That improved New Document window does all of that, hence the frustration:

  • It hides the fundamental task of naming and saving new files in a drop-down
  • This creates more pointing and clicking to gain access
  • The custom UI breaks consistency with other Adobe apps
  • The custom UI breaks consistency with the OS


As someone who's trained newbs for decades, I'd also worry that new UI encourages newbs to focus on eye-catching footage (or worse, stock footage) at the expense of fundamentals like file name, file location and mission critical stuff like job organisation.


And for Pros, the new UI requires more pointing and clicking to get to the fundamental task, and creates an inconsistent experience compared to Adobe apps (and others) that use the OS dialogue. And these OS-related shortcuts are why some of us choose one OS over another, it's that fundamental.


And breaking fundamental consistency only ever causes friction and frustration - right?


Yes, allow newbs to accomplish everything via pointing and clicking but allow Pros to accomplish everything efficiently. Changes shouldn't be either/or, great software works for both audiences - no?


And this is just one example. If you use multiple Adobe apps, you may remember the way shift-to-constrain was changed on one tool, in one context, in one app. Shift-to-constrain is used millions of times per day, it's literally learnt right after pointing and clicking.


If you want to change it (I'm not opposed to it), do it properly. Recognise it's fundamental, identify all the places it needs changing, change it, test it and properly communicate it. Don't half bake it then blame grizzly veterans. That's silly.


UX mistakes that break consistency have been on the rise across all the apps, all in the name of making things easier for newbs. This is where the frustration comes from. 


Don't just pander to the frustrations/fears of newbs, we're looking for a bit more leadership. Adobe should demonstrate they also understand speed, efficiency and fundamental consistency.


With a full suite of apps, consistency is a competitive advantage, not a liability.


Cheers, Ben



And yes, many people want this, here are links to some of the multi-page requests...


31 Page Request



21 Page Request

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correct answers 1 Pinned Reply

Adobe Employee , Aug 10, 2023 Aug 10, 2023

We are not planning on restoring the option to use the previous Export and New Document windows. 

Status Declined



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Adobe Employee ,
Aug 10, 2023 Aug 10, 2023

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We are not planning on restoring the option to use the previous Export and New Document windows. 

Status Declined