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Retry option in relink media

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Feb 05, 2024 Feb 05, 2024

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I've been running a project from a local server, but my mac usually disconects from the server on reboot.


If I haven't reconnected to the server folder in finder before launching the project Premiere Pro offlines the media and presents the relink media panel because it can't access the files.


That's fine, but after reconnecting the folder in finder I still have to locate one of the files to force a relink of all the videos despite all paths actually remaining the same.


It would be nice if there was a 'retry' or 'refresh' button that you could use if you've reconnected a network drive, or re-plugged in an external drive where you are just telling Premiere Pro 'hey check that again, should be where you think they are now'.


Easier for the user, presumbably easier for the software as it doesn't need to update any paths (or check about updating them).


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