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Some ideas from a 35K asset stock photographer

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Sep 22, 2023 Sep 22, 2023

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Hi all,

I have been using premiere for over 20 years now. Here lately a lot of advances have been added. I would like to expand on that.

TEXT AI, I love it, it works ok, I also have a youtube channel with close to 900 videos of police interviews and such, adobe struggles with that as even I do. But when it's fairly clear it does good, here lately it has improved a LOT! Now, here is my ask, more control over captions, to not have punctuations and such, it just doesn't look good for shorts and certain applications. More control over position of the captions, currently I have to check the captions and nest the sequence to position, seems there could be a better way. Figure a way around the extremely hard proccessing power it needs to function, I am playing catch the mouse pointer over here.. I have never had these issues until latey. The AI text is great but you guys should develop an app just for that, one that will do the captions and spit out an overlay that can be placed where ever and modified if need be, this same app will also give more control over styles, effects, great place to blend AE text effects and captions, I bet it would go viral if you developed it, but premiere is already trying to do too much as it is. one more thing work on separating speakers, I still have issues with that. 

If I missed something and these things are already in premiere please do tell.


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