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Sound Effects and Presets

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Jan 17, 2023 Jan 17, 2023

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Allow users to also Ctrl + Click to anchor sound files to in, out, or scale into a preset. 


I do my editing mostly for YouTube videos, and a constant pain point is doing sound effects.
If you want to do lets say for example a Wipe Transition  and you'd like to add a quick woosh to it. 
You need to first apply your wipe. Then find your Whoosh sound and apply it below and time the two of them. The only way to save time in this instance is to create a keybind for your wipe, yet the sound effects are still underoptimized. Maybe if you pay for a premiere service like story blocks your lucky enough to have a built in SFX pannel. 

Essentially this could be narrowed down by allowing users to not only group together, transform, lumetri, opacity etc... by also allowing this same keyframe data to align with the start of a sound file. Allowing users to save time with small effects or transitions that need sound to add that extra oomph.

For Consideration

I know that plugins for premiere how found ways to attach adjustment layers with sound files for transitions however these can clutter up your timeline. Example: Mister Horse allows for very sleek transitions with built in sound effects.

In Conclusion
The capability to create some sort of preset + sound file format that is not MOGRT would be extremely helpful. 

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