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Supported Characters/Fields in Metadata Logging

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Apr 16, 2023 Apr 16, 2023

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I love the metalogging panel in Premiere and find it very useful in my workflow. However, I've often found that I have to adjust my logging of Production's notes to accommodate the supported fields and characters in Premiere's Metalogging panel (or create custom fields in the Metadata Display). Below are my suggestions for additional logging fields/characters:


  • Take Number: allow alpha-numeric characters instead of just numbers. Would love to be able to label Pick-Ups, False Takes, separate Tailslates, and Wild Lines as how they're slated/reported (e.g., 2PU; FT; 2TS, WL) in this field rather than noting them in another column.


  • Camera Label: Even if checked in Metadata Display, this field no longer shows up in the Metalogging panel, though I remember it used to! Would be great to have it pop back up there for more streamlined logging. 


  • MOS: Would love a checkbox to indicate footage shot without isolated audio!


  • Offspeed: Would love a checkbox to indicate offspeed footage!


  • VFX: Would love a checkbox to indicate footage marked as VFX!


Thanks for reading!

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