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Text-Based Editing Feature I Hope For

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Apr 03, 2024 Apr 03, 2024

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Text-based editing is a godsend, no doubt. It has sped up my workflow significantly, especially with videos that are primarily talking head pieces. But one feature I'd love to see incorporated with it is this:


The choice to delete just silent sections based on audio waveforms alone, not just a human speaking. 


There are music tutorials that I do from time to time where I'm writing some music or editing together some audio in Logic Pro X, and it would help tremendously if I could quickly "delete all" the silent parts in the footage, while maintaining the sections with music or other audio being played.


Text-based editing is exactly that - it seeks out the instances where I'm speaking. But I'm not speaking when I'm playing music, so currently, when I tell the text-based editor to "delete all" pauses, it even deletes the parts where I'm playing music, as well. Bummer.


So if there were an added feature within text-based editing where I could choose to eliminate all pauses between speaking - OR - all audio waveform-based silences where I'm not speaking, nor am I playing back any music or sound effects. To have that option would also be such a time saver. Thanks!

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