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Text based editing...tweaks?

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Jun 18, 2023 Jun 18, 2023

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Some minor tweaks to the text interface would be welcome.
--- when searching the more words you can input, the better the results. I have no idea why Adobe chose to make the search window so small. Yes, you can type more - but it's so hard to see what you've typed and edit your search query when you're given such a tiny space. Lots of room there to the right of it, so why not make the search window expandable with the panel size?
--- Adobe has a tendency to remove all colour from it's interface design. But a sea of grey makes it so hard to find things quickly. This is another example of where being able to colour code your speakers would make it so much clearer who is speaking.
--- And it would be great to be able to batch delete speakers. For example, wipe out all the interviewee questions if you know they will never be heard.

Those are the little tweaks.

Still would love to be able to import a 3rd party transcription. As great as AI is, accents, mixed languages and other human oddities get in the way of AI doing a great job.And most of our interviewees fall into this category. I'd love to see Adobe harness the power of AI to match a text file's transcript to what it hears. Digital Anarchy has such a system...but it's so slow and unresponsive we gave up using it.


Conversely, it would be great to export APP's transcription in a way that someone else without a subscription to Adobe could get a link from you and review the transcription together with a proxy video, make corrections, which could then be sent back to you to import and update with accurate results. Rev.com allows for this now, but APP won't accept an import of their files...sadly.


Thanks Adobe. 

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