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Toggle in Effect Controls Panel to turn Transition Visibility off (to always see clip being edited!)

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Feb 24, 2023 Feb 24, 2023

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PROBLEM: A clip has Motion keyframes set at its first and last frame. The clip also has an outgoing cross dissolve applied to it. The user wants to adjust the position, scale and/or rotation keyframes at the end of the clip, but cannot see the clip in the Program Monitor because of the cross dissolve which gives the clip an opacity of 0% on its last frame.



a) Drag keyframes to be adjusted outside the range of the transition, adjust them, and then drag them back to the clip's last frame. A side effect of this workaround is the user won't see the clip’s correct frame in the Program Monitor while adjusting keyframes, nor will they be adjusting those keyframes in the correct context with regards to other clips/elements in the Timeline.

b) Cut or move the transition, modify the keyframes, and then paste or move the transition back.


When users are modifying a clip in the Effect Controls Panel (ECP), they want to see the results of their modifications, ALWAYS! Therefore, a better solution is needed than these frustrating, time wasting workarounds.


SOLUTION: Give users a transition visibility toggle in the ECP (see attached illustrations, created years ago in Premiere Pro CS4!). With the toggle enabled (transition icon crossed out), transitions in the Timeline would be ignored while the ECP is the active window. This would allow editors to properly see their clip in the Program Monitor, no matter what transitions are applied to it. As soon as any window other than the ECP is active, the Program Monitor would automatically display transitions once again. In order to be most useful, the Transition Visibility toggle should be 'sticky', meaning that if it's toggled on, it remains toggled on when switching to another clip in the ECP, or vice versa. This approach would be far more preferable to the current workarounds since it would allow editors to always edit Motion settings and effects in context of the correct clip and Timeline frame, without the need to delete transitions just so they can see the result of their adjustments in the Program Monitor!


Transition Toggle 1.jpgTransition Toggle 2.jpg

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