A lot of lag in Premiere Pro on a good workstation

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Dec 09, 2020 Dec 09, 2020

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Hello everyone,


For a while I have been experiencing a lot of lag while editing in Premire Pro.

I have previously had a lot of issues with the program. Small things such as changing the opacity always worked perfectly. But when i did some intesnive editing it became laggy. At that time I had 16GB DDR3 RAM, an i7 4th gen and a GTX 1070.


Since I have upgraded to the following specifications:

CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X (water cooled)

GPU: Radeon RX 6800

RAM: 48GB DRR4 3000Mhz

Drive: 1TB SSD and 1TB M.2 drive


The probgram definately has improved performance since I upgraded. Sometimes my project never even played and now it works great. However, over time I've seen more and more lag in the smallest of things. When I do an opacity transition and use the keyframes to fade out the video the project freezes and lags. SO then I press pause and the video doesn't even pause until about 3-4 seconds later. Then when I move the point I am in the time line and click somewhere alse it takes another 4-5 seconds to register that. All only from a small project with no serious editing in it yet. This really slows down my editing pace.


Before you tell me to change the playback quality - I have tried everything. I've looked up countless websites and videos trying to fix this issue. I have allocated as much RAM as I can to Premeire Pro. I have changed the playback quality to 1/4 (the lowest for 1080p projects). I have turned on GPU acceleration. 


The weird thing is, is that my old dusty computer was running at 100% in all of the hardware and lagged. My new computer which I spent thounds on gives out the same relative performance to the old computer but instead of running at 100% all of the hardware runs at 5% or 10% at most. Temperatures are low, cooling is good, everything is slightly optimized using overclocks. I have been video editing for 7 years, I have a GCSE in Computer Science and I am a computer enthusiast. This is why I am really confused as to what is happening. Could it be the drivers? I have the most up-to-date drivers for all of the specifications and I knew that AMD drivers were worse than Nvidia when I bought my graphics card but I didn't think they woul actually be that bad! All of the reviews and advertisements I have seen suggest that Ryzen 9's are amazing for editing and that the Radeon 6000 series plays a big role in good video editing performance - esppeicially relative to the price.


I'm never really the person to ask for help on the forums. But this has greatly affected me recently and I really need some help or advice. I can't find anything online with people with similar specs to me having the same problem - and with a solution.


Many thanks,

JJ Kirby.



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