Adobe Premiere Elements 14 won't render video, instead rendering box appears shortly

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Mar 23, 2021 Mar 23, 2021

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I was just editing a video and somewhat early into editing I came across a problem I've ran into before where i edit something and everything after that part won't play but everything before it will. I would usually fix this by closing and reopening the project, or more conveniently just rendering that part of the video. However, no matter what part of the video I choose to render, all that happens is the normal screen for rendering shows up but shortly goes away (maybe 150 frames in) and acts as if it finished when in reality nothing was rendered. The bar on the timeline is still orange. If anyone needs to know I had put one of the clips through handbrake to acheive a constant framerate as the video was unsyncing itself. I've tried selecting the delete rendered files for all projects option but nothing had changed. I will also note that the problem I mentioned at first is no longer present.

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