Adobe Premiere Scratch Disk Size (SSD Optimization)

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Feb 21, 2021

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Hey there,


I've just built my first serious PC workstation for video/photo editing, and I'm on to my final step of choosing hard drives and building a hard drive set up that is optimized for Premiere Pro. From my research it's been made pretty clear that the best route is to have 3 SSDs. One for the OS and Applications (Windows, Adobe Suite , etc.), a second SSD for the Premiere Pro project and source media (original footage and audio), and a 3rd SSD for the Media Cache and Scratch Disk. 


My question is pretty simple... how big does this 3rd media cache and scratch disk drive need to be so I don't have capacity issues mid-project and what size of temporary audio and video render files does Premiere Pro write to the scratch disk?


I am fully aware that a lot of this is dependent on the files I am working with, the length of my timeline etc. etc. but I'm trying to get a general picture of what the scratch disk file sizes are based on. Are the based on the size of all the combined source media in my project? Are they based on the size of the media used in the timeline only? If I am editing a 2 hour feature film with about 2TB of original source media in total, do I need a scratch disk that is at least 2TB in size, or will I only need a scratch disk capable of saving the size of the files in my timeline that will result in the "final deliverable/project"? 


To be more clear: I have 2TB of original footage, but I edit all of that into a timeline that is maybe only 100Gb in size. Would I need a scratch disk capable of saving only 100Gb worth of temp. render files or 2TB worth? 


Any insight would be massively helpful because I havent been able to find any general info on what files are actually saved onto this scratch disk and what I should be basing its size on.


Thanks in advance for all your help!

- Nick

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