AE CSV Script not pulling through when exporting with AME

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Mar 29, 2021 Mar 29, 2021

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I recently updated to Premiere v14.9, AE v17.7 and AME v14.9, I have been unable to get scripts to work properly while exporting using AME.


I have CVS scoreboard data fed into a AE project, which updates scores and other information automatically. These comps are then dynamically linked into Premiere Pro where I edit the footage with the graphics. Using (presumably) the directly previous app versions I was able to queue multiple sequences to encode using AME, and all the script fields would have the correct data drawn from the CSV. Since updating, all script fields encode with Unidentified as text in every instance. 


I know it isn't a syntax error as 1. it encoded previously and 2. the CSV data works fine when editing and correctly encodes through the PP export dialog. This is my current workaround however it's not at all effecient as I can't queue multiple sequences to save time doing long export batches. 


I guess this is an issue with AME but could be anything across all 3 apps! Is this a known issue with any fixes? Would hope that I can keep using updated versions instead of being stuck with the old versions that work properly. 


Let me know if any more info is needed.


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