Arriraw MXF support not working on 15.0?

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Mar 29, 2021 Mar 29, 2021

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Hello everyone,

I have a project with Alexa Mini that I started on ver 14,  where I imported Arriraw file natively into the project and it all worked.  All files had integrated support (MXF/ARRIRAW development Setting). Anamorphic footages came in as adjusted, without me doing anthing.

Now I upgraded to 15.0 and, suddenly, problems started.

It was basically three:

1) Premiere doesn't remember, or take considerations, of Arriraw input/output setting. Therefore instead of 2.35 anamorphic sizing, the whole native frame shows up IN THE dimension of this 2.35 sizing, so it appears blown-up vertically

2) I tried to start from scratch and imported MXF by drag and drop, or from media browser, but i get import error and can't import them now.

3) Some media which went to media offline, i cannot reconnect due to same error as 2)


Can you check what happened to Arriraw support? based on what I searched I found this:


Editing, Error or problem, Export, Formats, Import, Performance








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