Audio Glitch in FX after using Encoder

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May 23, 2021 May 23, 2021

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Had a glitch in the audio show up repeatedly at the exact same place after running through Media Encoder (can hear it in the attached excerpt):

- Is a nested sequence, used inside two other main videos;

- Two audio tracks (one from the video, and the second is a singing VO), neither have any edits at that particular point;

- One video track no edits;

- One Text track with a simple fade between two different texts somewhat near the point; and

- Nothing added or weird in the two main videos.

Playing it in Premiere is fine.

Export the two main videos using Export Media as MP3 256K audio and as H264 Match Source video each and run through Media Encoder.

All four resulting files had the same glitch, where the sound would suddenly drop down lower than before, and all at the same point,
I tried moving the crossfade on the text track to much sooner and ran the files again - no difference, glitch still at exact same spot.

Now on the singing track, I had added Compression and Parametric EQ in the Audio Track Mixer (to affect the entire audio track). I did not add any changes; was the same throughout the entire video, AFAICT. And no extra FXs or Level changes on the audio in the clip itself (just an opacity level set on the video back at the beginning of that clip, well-away from the glitch point.)

I removed those, ran a test MP3 and the glitch was gone.
Added them back and again the test was fine - no glitch.
SO... is there an issue with Media Encoder and/or FX possibly messing up when it is doing the "Preparing Audio Files" process?

OR... is it possible that one or both of the FX were corrupted?

OR... am I not reading the FX interfaces correctly and I did have a sudden drop in the Gain or EQ?

I double-clicked each FX to get the GUI and the numbers did not change at that point. And I'm sure I had turned "Reading" to Off, so shouldn't have been an automation issue.

But even if it was, wouldn't I have seen the numbers change when the track was playing?

(Again, I did not hear this sudden audio drop while in Premiere - it occured only after the compression in Media Encoder.)

Running Premiere Pro CC 2018 and Media Encoder CC 2018 on a MacBool Pro with 10.11.6 (El Capitan).

Thank you.

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