Change Time Lapse frame Rate (and duration) PP2021

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Mar 10, 2021 Mar 10, 2021

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1- I created a timelapse which appears to be 30fps. I would like to change the frame rate to 24fps -increasing the clip duration.

Some advise to click the file in the bin Modify>Interpret Footage -which of course is greyed out (clip is selected in timeline) There are online suggestions to make this option available, but they don't work in my project.

2- I select Premiere Pro Help in the pulldown, which redirects to to Premier Pro Learn & Support. But when I enter Interpret Footage it searches all Adobe apps, even though this is supposed to be restricted to Premiere Pro. Why is there not a simple searchable user guide as in other apps?

3- I tried Sequence Settings & changed the spec to 24fps, but that only changed the frame rate NOT the clip duration.

4- I would simply like to have the TL play slightly longer at 24fps. Can't understand why this is so complex.

5- I searched for a searchable Premier Pro User Guide PDF. I found an Adobe Premiere Pro Online Guide, but when I searched Interpret Footage, I was directed to a Photoshop instruction. Is it really so difficult to find a searchable Premiere Pro User guide?



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