Changing default distance POV on VR video and maintain in export to VR

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Apr 04, 2021 Apr 04, 2021

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I hate to bother the community with something like this but I spent a solid 8 hours researching what I thought would be trivial.


I have a VR video that is 4k and when I view it in VLC or upload to youtube etc.. the starting distance is too "zoomed in" for the POV.  In VLC I can zoom out and move around to where I want things framed for the video, but no matter what plugin or VR effects I try in premiere nothing seems to work. The cloest thing I found was the GoPro FX plugin that changeds the "Reframe" but it seems to only work when chaning the video from VR to a normal flat viewing experience.


I just want my starting POV to be zoomed out a bit so that you see more of the footage when you are moving around and you are not "so close" to one particular point (making everything super big).  This of course needs to be exported in the same way I have framed it so it is maintained in the actual VR video for others to view (not a flat standard video).


Is this really that complicated or do I not have the language to ask the right questions to find an appropriate answer?



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