Clip Markers from Premiere deleted by Prelude and interoperability Issues.

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Feb 19, 2021

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I'd spent time marking off a bunch of clips in a sequence in Adobe Premiere.  At some point I thought I'd open up Adobe Prelude and look at the same clips in there.  I was hoping to see if I could share some of the work load of going through rushes with a colleague.  The plan being, they've be able to mark off clips in Prelude and I could open then up and see stuff in Premiere.


I briefly saw the markers appear in Adobe Prelude, but once I got back to Premiere I noticed all the markers from the clips I'd imported into Prelude had disappeared apart from a single and utterly pointless marker at the beginning of each clip saying '_RecStart'. 


The non-functional part of my brain steered me towards yet another utterly pointless chat conversation with an Adobe Minion via the Creative Cloud app to search for answers... Unsuprisingly no insight was offered - so that's why I'm posting here.


Has anyone faced this situation or got any ideas what's gone on?



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