Computer crashes at end of export

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Dec 18, 2020

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Hey all, 


Relatively recent convert to the world of Premiere here, but this project has been making me rethink my choices...


I have a relatively short but dense project file, full of a bunch of clips, some keyframing, text, the usuals, but when I go to export it, it makes it to the end, then my entire computer crashes. I'm running the latest version of Premiere, and I've gone through all the reccomended troubleshooting tips, such as clearing unused cache files, clearing all cache files, exporting without audio, exporting in a different file format, and copying the scene over to a new scene and exporting that. 


I also tried to consolidate the project so I could export it on another PC, but that caused the same crashing issues as well.


Nothing has helped. I haven't had issues before this, and nothing I can find mentions this specific issue, moreso crashing at the beginning of export, or when opening the file, not crashing at the tail end of the export. I'm running a 2015 Macbook Pro, i5, 8gb ram, Catalina, but I've done much more resource intensive projects before (timelapse of 14 hours of footage to name one) on this same machine, and I'm completely at a loss. Has anyone else had this happen?


Thanks 🙂

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