Continuously getting black screens in 2021.

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Apr 08, 2021 Apr 08, 2021

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Ever since the 2020 update came along i continue to get black screens every 2 minutes. Have to restart and then it works again for 5 minutes and so on.


You touch the lumetri wheel, black screen.

You touch the scale, black screen.

You scroll the timeline, BLACK SCREEN.


I do work mostly in 2019 because there is smooth playback and NO black screens.

2020/2021 is horrendous, i work with big clients and they sit in on the editing and is super embarrasing to have restart every time.

I have to work in 20/21 because som of the new camerafiles do not support in 2019.

I have a superhigh end editing station with 2X RTX 2080 so i know that GPU is not a problem.

Tried taking out one and see if thats the problem but still continues.

I have done everything that this forum written in the posts but still no solution.

And we also have another editing station with different specs at work, and still same black screen on that one.

 How come 2016 - 2019 worked like a charm with smoth playback and excellent rendering.

I pull the files in resolve and it flows like butter in 8K! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

I´ts like taking a step back every year with the new updates.


I have working with Premiere for almost 10 years now and iam about to pull the plug if this sort of issues is not fixed. 



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