Custom Workspaces not saved as expected

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Sep 20, 2020

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I created a custom workspace. i arranged everything like i wanted. next day reopenend PP again .. all i can see is that i have a workspace with that name but most timelines are are not where i left them the day before. For example i openen the "pre cutted" sequences in my source monitor to access and arrange them easy and easy drag and drop on the main timeline, PP did no reopen them. What really makes me angry is that fact that even when i switch between my custom workspace and the build-in ones my workspace layout is lost, very nice adobe ... 


In the 14.x releases i'm constantly running into basic things that wont work. I guess its essential for a lot of users that such feature work seamless. when searching here it sounds like this is broken for a long time, i watched lately a YouTube Show by Jason Levine where Vashi presented such workflow. I highly recommend that Adobe spend more time in Testing basic functions. Like your fav. IDE you write code in supports such basic features, why not PP ? why not write unit tests for such basic features, may you have and your CI-Pipeline tell you their broken, then fix those. it drives people mad. Its one of those re­pe­ti­tiv task which i dont want to do over and over again. 







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