Dear Adobe People, Where does known issue DVAFM-4547 stand?

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May 29, 2021 May 29, 2021

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I guess I'm just going to have to throw this up here since after 90+ minutes with tech support I got absolutely nowhere. (Impressive, btw) So any Adobe engineer, software guru, intern, spy, whoever that can give meaningful updates to this "known issue" which by the way is the issue that in 15.x (all of them to date) trying to use Panasonic P2 media results in nothing but white/pink noise in every audio channel. How this actually gets into a final "stable" version baffles me. It seems that there is less and less quality control with every "major" version release, so remind the users, what exactly are we paying for?


And yes, you might have guessed I'm not overly happy with Adobe right now, so make it right.

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