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Apr 28, 2021 Apr 28, 2021

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I'm just wondering if there is a way to change the audio in the Source Monitor globally.

I know you can change each clip that goes into the Source Monitor through the Clip Mixer panel, but you need to do that for EVERY clip.

Heres an example of where this could be helpful:

I have downloaded 5 different music previews to try under my timeline.

I click through the first one so i can find a good break in the music. I press play and blow my ear drums out. So i turn the audio down on my computer/external amp. I find a good spot, put it in my timeline, suddenly i cant hear my timeline...oh thats right i need to turn my computer/amp back up to my default setting so that i keep a consistent audio level.

I then look for another piece of music. Once again i blow my ear drums. I turn down the computer/amp, i bring it in the timeline, I turn up the computer/amp and so on and so on.


I understand i could bring the music into the source monitro turn it down in the audio clip panel, bring it into the timeline, go find a different piece of stock music, turn it down in the clip panel bring it into the timeline....but its just adding an extra step that doesnt need to be there.

Also lets not start talking about having multiple takes or footage which you are scrolling through, looking at etc, and you find that someone didnt turn the internal camera audio off so your constantly needing to do that same back and forth with either the clip mixer or the computer/amp volume.

Is there a way to do this? Any help would be fantastic.

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