HELP! slowing me down! Need solution.

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Feb 17, 2021

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Hello! I don't know why I didn't think to post this sooner because last time the community was really helpful. Here's the deal -


I have a client who I clip podcasts for and make these "animated" clip videos for using which is useful and nifty BUT is severely slowing me down as it has to save and load after every single change! I probably lose about 2 hours of work every time I make one of these clips because of - frankly, it sucks. 

I would like to replicate this same type of "animated" clip video in Adobe to hella speed up my process (and make it look better) but am unsure if it's possible. I've provided a link here for reference:


Is this something I can replicate using either Premiere or After Effects? I'd like to keep the wave form dots (or some kind of wave form) and have the text appear as he speaks. I have experience with Premiere but have next to zero experience with AE. Totally willing to learn new skills if it helps me speed up and become more efficient and better at my job. 


I started a 10 minute video on at 11 and just finished just now. I feel like this is something that could take me a half hour if I were able to make a template and use the SRT files. 





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