I cannot motion track my video frame by frame.

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May 02, 2021 May 02, 2021

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While playing a video game, my friend died to an explosion and he flew through the air. I saw this happen and he was off center of my screen. I turned to look towards him whilst he was flying.


In premiere I want to key frame his position to the center of the screen. I want to motion track him and zoom 500 points. I really want to emphasize his flight. For the first half of his flight I key frame easily but once I turn my camera, I need to key frame large jumps to keep him middle. I can go every 5 frames and get a rough follow. It is very jittery and noticible. I want to key frame each individual frame but doing so is not possible. 


When key framing individually the tracking becomes impossible. I cannot explain what happens and if I could I simply don't know how to word it. I have posted a video to YouTube that I will like here -->https://youtu.be/Qj_vnljayXM


The way the blue border box bounces back gets progressively worse and severely lags premiere. The game play was at 120fps and the recording is 60 fps. It's mp4 file format. Sequence is 60fps.


I noticed the "anchor point" affects the media blue border. When position/motion tracking the clip I drag around the blue border which is usually connected to the media it'sself being the rainbow six siege game play. As I add key frames a blue "time-line" of connected dots span out. It shows the path the blue border/media has to follow to keep the desired section centered. The more key frames and larger adjustments does something to this blue keyfram path. 


Why does the blue border over shadow or become disconnected from the actual media/footage? When changing between single frames the entire footage will move but the actual "position" value will not change as the blue border does not move but the actual media comes to fit in its place.


This problem accurs even when changing position values manually versus click and dragging the preview display as in the video. 

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